How Do I Order My Kit Through

Updated Jan 31, 2020

You must have a URL from your instructor before ordering your lab kit.

Follow the instructions below if your ordering URL starts with

See these instructions if your ordering URL starts with

Your ordering URL must start with If it is not, see these instructions. If you do not have a link, please contact your instructor and request it.

Login information will be provided by your instructor. The login will be a letter followed by six numbers. Please note this is different from your HOL Cloud login.

Hands-On Labs, Inc.: Customer Login - Google Chrome

3. Find the kit you need by SKU and click "Add to Cart."

Your instructor will tell you which SKU is correct for your course. Ensure it matches precisely.

If you are enrolled in multiple courses requiring LabPaq kits, you may add multiple kits to your cart before you check out.

Your course and lab kit may require specialized tools (e.g., microscope). If so, you will be given a prompt to add these tools to your cart. If you already have access to the required tools, click "Checkout," otherwise add any desired tools to your cart and then click "Checkout."

4. Complete Shipping and Payment Information.

After completing your order, allow 3–5 business days for us to assemble your kit before shipping.

When the lab kit arrives, follow these instructions to unlock your course in HOL cloud.

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