How Do I Order Through HOL Cloud?

Updated Aug 12, 2020

You must have a URL from your instructor before ordering your course content.

Follow the instructions below if your URL starts with

See these instructions if your URL starts with

Your ordering URL must start with If it does not, see these instructions. If you do not have a link, please contact your instructor and request it.

3. Fill out the text fields to create an HOL account.

Use your name, email, and password to create an HOL account and select "Submit."

4. Select the course name.

You'll see all active courses you're registered for on the HOL landing page. Each course name is a hyperlink that brings you to the course homepage.

5. Select "Purchase."

If your course contains only digital content instead of a physical kit, skip to step 8

6. Input your shipping information.

Add your name, preferred address, and any special instructions for your kit. When ready, select "Review Order & Payment."

7. Confirm your address.

You'll see an address confirmation pop-up box. Double-check your street, city, state, and zip code, then select "Use This Address." 

8. Confirm your order details.

You'll be taken to the Order Summary page. Select your shipping option. When ready, select "Place Order."

9. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

A Return Policy pop-up box will appear. Carefully read the policy. When ready, click the check box to agree to terms and select "Continue."

10. Input payment information.

Add your credit card payment details to the pop-up screen, then select "Pay."

11. You have completed the purchase!

You'll see a receipt pop-up window with details of your order. You'll also receive a receipt in the email address you used to register your account (Step 1). Your course prerequisites should now be unlocked. If you ordered a physical kit, allow 3–5 business days before shipping to process and build your kit.

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